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21 Best WordPress Full Site Editing Themes of 2022 (Mostly Free)

by Phill

Are you looking for the best full site editing WordPress themes?

Full Site Editing (FSE) in WordPress gives you more control over your website design. It offers custom blocks for styling your website’s header, footer, sidebar, and other sections.

In this article, we will share some of the best WordPress full site editing themes for your site.

What is WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE)?

Full Site Editing (FSE) is a set of modern features for the default WordPress Block Editor. It was first released in WordPress 5.9.

Previously, the WordPress Block Editor allowed you to add and customize the layout of content within your pages and blog posts. The rest of your website’s layout and design was determined by your WordPress theme.

Now, WordPress full site editing lets you completely change the theme layout and add new sections to your website, without writing any code. You can also add site-wide global styles that apply to your entire website or individual styles for specific WordPress pages or posts.

The styling options include color schemes, font settings, layout spacing, image borders, and more.

However, you can only use full-site editing features if your theme supports them.

Below you’ll find our hand-picked list of the best full-site editing (FSE) themes for WordPress.

1. SeedProd

SeedProd WordPress Website Builder

SeedProd is one of the most popular WordPress theme builders. It lets you design a custom website template from scratch, without writing code.

SeedProd is different from other themes on this list because it’s actually a plugin that includes its own easy drag and drop builder, instead of relying on the built-in FSE features. This gives you more flexibility and control over your theme’s design.

You can easily create a header, footer, page templates, post layouts, and WooCommerce pages for your website. It also comes with ready-made custom blocks to add content to different sections of your WordPress site, plus a library of 2+ million free stock images.

To help you get started, SeedProd provides dozens of theme and page layouts. These built-in theme templates give you a quick start to set up your website for any business niche. You can also start with a blank template and create your own design from scratch.

For step-by-step instructions and examples, you can see our guide on how to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch.

2. Divi


Divi is an excellent WordPress theme and page builder. It works with the WordPress block editor and supports full site editing to create a website for your business or professional blog.

The Divi Builder is powerful and works with all the popular WordPress themes for easy customization.

Its visual builder functionality gives you the flexibility to make real-time changes to your website’s background, colors, font, and images. And, if you don’t like the new look, you can always also undo or redo changes to go back where you started.

Divi Theme comes with hundreds of layout packs. These website layouts are fully functional and easy to import to your site with 1 click.

The best part about the Divi layout packs is that they include complete pages and content. That means you can quickly launch your site without having to create everything from scratch yourself.

3. Astra


Astra is the most popular WordPress theme on the market. It’s super flexible and works with all popular WordPress page builder plugins, including Beaver Builder, Elementor Pro, and Visual Composer.

The theme comes with a built-in header and footer builder. It gives you full site editing options with custom blocks for your website’s header and footer.

Astra offers dozens of starter themes, so you can easily find a theme for your business website. And, these templates seamlessly work with popular WordPress theme builders like SeedProd for easy customization.

4. Ultra


Ultra is a modern WordPress multipurpose theme built by Themify. It also offers a WordPress visual builder for a custom header, footer, and site-wide layouts.

The theme gives you complete control to show or hide any element from the header or footer. It also comes with page and post layouts, background options, custom fonts, and beautiful color schemes.

Themify Builder Pro tool included with Ultra lets you create a custom theme template with your choice of header, footer, page, post, search page, and WooCommerce pages. You can create global theme styles or design individual page templates for different categories on your site.

5. Neve


Neve is a fantastic WordPress theme for any kind of website. It’s fast and lightweight and comes with flexible full site editing options, including custom blocks and layout options.

It has a drag and drop header and footer builder to add, remove, and move elements easily. Also, the layout options allow you to choose from a full-width or sidebar layout.

The theme supports WordPress page builders out of the box. And, Neve has hundreds of starter templates that you can import to your site and customize with your favorite page builder plugin to launch a website.

6. Guten Theme

Guten Theme

Guten Theme is a modern WordPress theme built specifically for the WordPress block editor. It comes with built-in layouts for the header, footer, and blog page to easily set up a website using the WordPress customizer.

The theme also works with popular page builder plugins like Elementor Pro. You can use the page builder to fully control the complete website layout and design, including your theme’s background, colors, and fonts.  

7. Clove


Clove is a free and beautiful WordPress full site editing theme. It comes with an elegant layout that features an eye-catching homepage design, natural colors, and a minimalistic design.

The theme offers ready-made block templates and design options. It’s easy to manage these settings with global styles and the WordPress block editor.

8. Felt LT


Felt LT is a premium quality WordPress magazine theme. It comes with widget-ready areas on the homepage and multiple useful widgets to add content to the front page.

The theme has full site editing support with a built-in style manager. It lets you customize global styles for your WordPress site, including colors, borders, buttons, and layouts with a few clicks.

9. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a stylish WordPress one-page theme. It comes with a few ready-made templates for small businesses that you can quickly import to launch your site.

With built-in support for WordPress page builders, you can fully customize your theme layout. It also lets you change the header style to add a custom background video or image slider. And, you can apply this option to your entire site or make it limited to the homepage.

10. Naledi


Naledi is a free WordPress and WooCommerce full site editing theme. It has a beautiful homepage layout with a full-width header background image, welcome text, and a call-to-action button.

The theme lets you make changes to the global styles to control the look and design of your site. And, the style options also appear on your WooCommerce shop pages without any extra work.

11. BlockPress


Blockpress is a free WordPress block theme. It supports full site editing options with global styles, custom blocks, and a site manager.

The theme works with eCommerce plugins to start an online store. It’s also translation-ready and supports RTL languages to create a multilingual website.

12. Archeo


Archeo is a free WordPress theme built specifically for archeology, history, and cultural websites. It comes with a classic vintage font style on the homepage and other landing pages.

There’s a fullscreen background image that you can change with the block editor. The Archeo theme supports full site editing with site-wide blocks and global style options.

13. Hive


Hive is a black and white WordPress magazine theme. It’s beautifully crafted with a magazine-style website layout including a custom logo, navigation menu, featured posts, and social icons.

The theme has a bold look with full-width and multi-column sections on the homepage. It supports page builders to add new landing pages and customize global elements on the theme easily.

14. Stewart


Stewart is a free and minimalist WordPress theme for bloggers, writers, and authors. It comes with a two-column layout with a sidebar on the left and your content on the right side of the screen.

It comes with a default color scheme for the WordPress blog theme. However, you can use the full site editing features to customize global colors styles, font styles, and background options.

15. Bricksy


Bricksy is a premium-style but free WordPress theme. It has a modern and stylish homepage layout, including eye-catching font styles and image choices in the top section.

It fully supports the block editor and has drag and drop features for you to design your website pages with. You can use the full site editing options to manage global website styles or individual page settings.

16. Tove


Tove is a multi-color free WordPress theme with support for the modern full site editing features. It’s specifically built for cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops.

The theme comes with dozens of block patterns for the header, footer, and site-wide layout. These custom blocks are easy-to-use on your entire site globally or to customize specific pages and posts.

17. Julia


Julia is an attractive and beautiful WordPress food blog theme. It comes with a magazine-style layout for food bloggers, chefs, restaurants, and cafes.

The theme is perfect to start your food blog. It fully supports the modern WordPress block editor and full site editing options to customize the theme design in real-time.

18. Hansen


Hansen is a simple and free WordPress blog theme. It offers a fully custom block theme template and supports full site editing out of the box.

The theme features include a full-width layout, beautiful color scheme, custom background, and more. It comes with global styles and block patterns to customize your site without editing code.

19. Aino


Aino is an advanced WordPress theme with bold colors and classic font styles. It comes with a block plugin to create custom page layouts with built-in block patterns and a site manager.

The theme is easy to customize with full site editing features. You can use a single-column, two-column, or three-column layout on the entire site or individual pages as per your requirements.

20. Kemet


Kemet is a fast and reliable WordPress theme. It’s designed specifically for personal blogs, portfolio sites, and small online business stores.

The default theme’s color and font styles are highly attractive. Kemet provides built-in theme templates, template parts, and custom blocks to edit your website’s header, footer, and site-wide settings easily.

21. Rosa2


Rosa2 is a premium WordPress food blog and restaurant theme. It comes with a powerful visual editor and custom blocks ideally built for restaurants and cafes.

The theme has an eye-catching design with a fullscreen homepage header layout. It gives you the flexibility to customize colors and fonts to match your global website layout.

We hope this article has helped you find the best WordPress full site editing themes. You may also want to check out our guide on how to create a free business email address, or our expert pick of the best auto-dialer software for small business.

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