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Delivery & Refund Policy

by Phill

The shipping on the item are instantaneous once you pay.

Because of the nature of electronic media means that when you’ve downloaded a plugin or theme there is no way to’reunite’ it. No refunds will be provided except in the case once the electronic product is totally unusable.

Our service staff is available 24/7, when you have any query or need assistance in installing or deleting electronic products bought on the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please be aware that we’re not programmers of the supplied goods, so our technical service capabilities are restricted.

We don’t alter product performance and don’t fix programmer bugs.

Refund requests for any Membership Plans won’t be amused by some other way, if any merchandise has been downloaded or any goods will not fulfill your expectations.

We’ll check refund requests on their merits but there Is Not Any duty to Supply a refund if:

You Purchased by error;
You lack the technical capability to make the product work;
You Can’t download the thing because It’s Been removed from our site;
You’re in violation of the fair play coverage.

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